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Our Travel Experts

Andreas Larentzakis
Product Development Manager
Andreas Larentzakis, product development manager at Keytours Vacations since 2002, has been in the travel business over 30 years. He has a bachelor degree in business administration and has travelled extensively throughout the world researching destinations and establishing relationships with local travel suppliers.
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Julia Morkos
Personalized Group Travel Expert
Julia Morkos has been working in the travel industry for 15 years. Having lived abroad for many years, she developed a passion for travel. She designs her clients' trips with a high level of detail, as if she were taking the trip herself! She enjoys booking the exotic and especially enjoys planning around-the-world adventures. Julia joined Keytours Vacations in 2010. The experiences gained from personal travels have become a great asset in assisting clients on planning numerous memorable vacations.
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Vicki Sachs
Personalized Travel Consultant
Vicki started her travel career at Delta airlines, where she was in reservations sales and at the city ticket offices for 17 years. In 2006, she was lucky enough to find her second significant travel career with Key Tours. She loves working with clients who want to put together a trip of a lifetime, booking airline tickets, trains, hotels and tours. Her expertise is in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Germany, UK, France and many other destinations.
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Osman Akpinar
Personalized Travel Expert
Born in Izmir, one of the historic jewels of Turkey famous for the Ancient City of Ephesus, Osman’s desire has always been discovering new destinations. After graduation, he moved to Istanbul to start his career in tourism. He worked as a consultant at various hotels, and switched to the travel agency side as a tour operator in 2002. His success quickly led him to the tour leader position. In 2016, he joined Keytours Vacations and started to work as a travel consultant.
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Petra Cerny
Personalized Travel Expert
Originally from Czech Republic, Petra finished her Bachelor's Degree in Travel and Marketing Business at George Mason University in 2008. After graduation, she began her career in the travel business. She has been with Key Tours for 3 years. Traveling was always her passion, and she enjoys being able to connect her passion with her career.
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Sandy Campol
Personalized Travel Expert

Sandy has been in the travel industry for over 20 years and her passion for creating lasting memories for travelers is endless.  She goes above and beyond client expectations to plan a wonderful vacation experiences.  Sandy believes that actively listening to a client’s wants and needs, providing them with all possible options, allowing them to select what will provide the best experience for them, and assisting them in every aspect of their trip is the only way to go. Sandy is proud to be a past client of KeyTours and now a Personalized Travel Expert for the KeyTours Team.

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Paul Julia
Group Sales Manager
Paul Julia has worked in the travel and hospitality industries for over 20 years. The son of European immigrants to the United States, his passion for travel was ignited at an early age during family trips to Europe and the Caribbean. As an adult, he lived, worked and studied for 10 years in Spain, and in his spare time explored Europe and the Mediterranean extensively.  Paul joined Keytours Vacations in 2011 and has served the company in various capacities since. In 2013, he joined the groups department, where he greatly enjoys working with clients to design unique trips to amazing destinations.
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Tuba Karatari
Personalized Travel Expert
Tuba has over 10 years of experience in the travel industry, a passion for travel, and a committment to customer satisfaction. Tuba lived in London for 13 years, during which time she achieved an Master's degree in International Business and explored Europe and Asia. Meeting and making friends around the world, and understanding different cultures, is a great asset to her. Her worldly knowledge helps her to put together the most unique experience for your trip that is match made for you and your needs, giving not only the main "must" see locations, but the local secrets as well. Tuba guarantees that you will experience not just a holiday, but the journey of your life.
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Roma Verma
Personalized Travel Expert

Roma believes that success is doing what you truly love doing everyday of your life.

Roma has worked in the travel industry for more than 20 years, and she has been with Keytours for many years. Roma's strength is in structuring the best vacation packages possible, and enjoys creating the vacations of her customers' dreams.

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Kuzma Kopano
Operations Manager
I believe that international travel brings knowledge through observation and experience. Take in beautiful mountains, rolling hills, villages, cities, pristine lakes, flowing rivers, and the sea. There is so much to do on our beautiful planet.  Let me customize your travel experience based on where you want to be, and what you want to do and see during your stay. Take advantage of my 30 years of experience in this field, which includes being multi-lingual, and living and working in countries around the world.  Let's go and explore, feel, and see new places and immerse ourselves in new cultures. Call me and I will tell you how.
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Esin Soydemir
Personalized Travel Expert
Esin has been in the travel business since 1999. She has worked with various travel companies and started her travel career with Key Tours in 2008. She is expertised in Turkey, Italy, Greece, France, Spain and with many other destinations.  Esin loves helping her customers create their ideal vacations!
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Lucy Senses
Personalized Travel Expert
Lucy Kirtisan Senses is an international travel agent with over 10 years of industry experience.  At Key Tours, she specializes in FIT (Flexible Independent Travel). She graduated from University of Louisville, majoring in communication. Her love for travel is what brought her into the industry, and she is dedicated to helping people plan a vacation of a lifetime. She believes in helping her clients, whether a family, couple, or individual, create a customized vacation package that suites their particular interests and tastes.
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Key Tours is committed to providing premier travel arrangements coupled with outstanding service. Our booking agents will work one-on-one with clients or directly with your travel agent to create the tailor-made vacation of your dreams!

We encourage you to apply to become a member of our team whether you have recently completed your education, are an experienced travel agent, or are an early-retired person desiring to join the travel industry.