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Experienced professionals dedicated to creating unforgettable personalized travel experiences. 


Koray Edemen, President & Founder

Keytours Vacations founder Koray Edemen is a long-time travel industry veteran. A native of Ankara, Turkey, Mr. Edemen got his start in travel working as a travel director and licensed guide in Istanbul and Cappadocia while studying for his B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science. At the age of 22, he established his first company, serving American military personnel and diplomats’ travel needs in Turkey and neighboring countries. In 1993, Mr. Edemen moved to the United States where he co-founded Keytours Vacations, which quickly became the premier tour operator to Europe and the Mediterranean.

In the past 26 years, Mr. Edemen has expanded his work in a variety of travel-related investments, including transportation companies, hotel investment, and management, as well as numerous online travel companies. Despite these many projects, maintains a hands-on approach to his business: he was central to the oversight and implementation of his company’s software development and personally wrote the initial codes.

Now a major stockholder of six different companies in the travel industry, Mr. Edemen is a well-known and sought-after travel industry speaker.


The Keytours Vacations Team


Vicki Sachs

Individual Luxury Travel Consultant

Vicki started her travel career at Delta airlines, where she was in reservations, sales, and at the city ticket offices for 17 years. In 2006, she was lucky enough to find her second significant travel career with Keytours Vacations.

Destination Expertise: France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Germany, UK, Ireland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Egypt, South Africa

Languages: English

(800) 576-1784 Ext. 1244

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Rummy Tandon

Individual Luxury Travel Consultant

Rummy Tandon joined Keytours Vacations with a 30 year background in travel, working with companies such as AmEx, Expedia and Omega World Travel. Rummy earned her teacher's certificate from Buffalo State University and the ;State of New York Education Board and taught travel for three years at Erie Community College.

Destination Expertise: All European countries, Egypt, Morocco, India

Languages: English, Hindi

(800) 576-1784 Ext. 1237

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Tuba Karatari

Individual Travel Consultant

Tuba has over 10 years of experience in the travel industry, a passion for travel, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Tuba lived in London for 13 years, during which time she achieved her Master's Degree in International Business and traveled Europe and Asia extensively. Tuba guarantees that you will experience not just a holiday, but the journey of your life.

Destination Expertise: Greece, Turkey, UK

Languages: English, Turkish

(800) 576-1784 Ext. 1240

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Aysin Ozturk

Individual Travel Consultant

Aysin has spent 20 years in travel industry and her travels have ranged from gastronomic adventures to UNESCO heritage sites specializing in luxury market & special interest programs for enthusiastic travelers.

Destination Expertise: Turkey, Greece, Italy, UK, Ireland, Croatia, France, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Southern Africa, East Africa, West Africa (Ghana-Benin) India, Thailand, Japan

Languages: English, Turkish

(800) 576-1784 Ext. 1233

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Mary Nadal

Marketing Manager

With Keytours Vacations since 2019, Mary Nadal has worked in government technology, non-profit, and consulting, but her true passion is travel. She has an MBA in international business and studied in Italy, France, Brazil, and China. She enjoys reading and traveling with her family.

Destination Expertise: Italy, France, Brazil, Colombia

Languages: English, Italian

(800) 576-1784 Ext. 1250


Osman Akpinar

Individual Luxury Travel Consultant

Osman’s desire has always been discovering new destinations. After graduation, he moved to Istanbul to start his career in tourism. He worked as a consultant at various hotels, and switched to tour operation in 2002. In 2016, he joined Keytours Vacations and started work as a travel consultant.

Destination Expertise:France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Austria, UK, Czech Republic, Egypt, Israel

Languages: English, Turkish

(800) 576-1784 Ext. 1243

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Meet Our Team



Esin Soydemir

Individual Luxury Travel Consultant

Esin has been in the travel business since 1999. She has worked with various travel companies and started her travel career with Key Tours in 2008. Esin loves helping her customers create their ideal vacations!

Destination Expertise: France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Ireland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Egypt

Languages: English, Turkish

(800) 576-1784 Ext. 1246

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Sitare Simsir

Individual Travel Consultant and Online Support

Sitare completed her BA in Tourism Hotel Management and her master's degree in Luxury Brand Management in Paris, and previously worked for luxury hotels as a Guest Relations agent. Her passion for travel led her to work for Emirates Airlines and as Accommodation Service Coordinator before joining Keytours Vacations.

Destination Expertise: France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand

Languages: English, Turkish, some French, understands Italian and Spanish

(800) 576-1784 Ext. 1239

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Nick Good

Product Manager

Nick Good, a native of New Zealand, has traveled the world and has lived in multiple countries throughout his life. Currently residing in South Africa, Nick joined Keytours Vacations in 2019 and hopes to continue promoting his passion, international travel.

Destination Expertise: Scandinavia, Baltics, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, South Africa, Southern Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Dubai, Morocco, Israel, Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand

Languages: English

(800) 576-1784 Ext. 1254


Roma Verma

Individual Travel Consultant

Roma believes that success is doing what you truly love doing everyday of your life. Roma has worked in the travel industry for more than 20 years, and she has been with Keytours for many years. Roma's strength is in structuring the best vacation packages possible, and enjoys creating the vacations of her customers' dreams.

Destination Expertise: All European countries, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, India, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, South Africa

Languages: English, Hindi

(800) 576-1784 Ext. 1245

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Kuzma Kopano

Operations Manager and Group Travel Consultant

Kuzma Kopan, Operations Manager & Group Travel Expert, believes that international travel brings knowledge through observation and experience. Take advantage of his 30 years of experience in the field, multilingual skills, as well as life and work experience in countries around the world.

Destination Expertise: France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Morocco, UAE, Thailand

Languages: English, French, Turkish, Italian, Bulgarian, Greek

(800) 576-1784 Ext. 1242

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Paul Somogyi

Director of Sales & Business Development

Paul Somogyi, has been with Keytours Vacations since September 2018. During his 30 years in hospitality, Paul worked in London, Paris, Warsaw, San Francisco and Washington D.C. and speaks French and German. Paul enjoys spending time with his family, as well as skiing, hiking and riding his bike.

Destination Expertise: France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia

Languages: English, French, German

(800) 576-1784 Ext. 1231

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Andreas Larentzakis

Product Development Manager

Andreas Larentzakis, product development manager at Keytours Vacations since 2002, has been in the travel business over 30 years. He has a bachelor degree in business administration and has travelled extensively throughout the world researching destinations and establishing relationships with local travel suppliers.

Destination Expertise: France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, UK, Ireland, East Asia, Southeast Asia

Languages: English, Greek

(800) 576-1784 Ext. 1232

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