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Private Journeys

Leave the crowds and complications behind, take the wheel, and prepare for a uniquely unforgettable adventure.

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Experts in Private Journeys

Whether your dream is drive a convertible along the sun-kissed coastlines of Portugal, explore the remote beauty of Iceland in utter privacy, or sit back and relax as your private driver guides you through the colorful oases of Morocco, Keytours Vacations can make it happen. 



Enjoy the luxury of private transportation at your disposal. Turn your favorite playlist up, wear your road trip jammies, and snack as loudly as you want. No crowds, no lines, no waiting: it's just you, the car, and a country of possibilities for you to explore.


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Be the captain of your own adventure. Want to get on the road a little earlier or later than planned? No problem. Hop out of the car for an impromptu picnic along the way? Anytime. Stay an extra night or two in a town you've spontaneously fallen in love with? You're calling the shots.

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With privacy comes comfort. Stretch out on your seat, store everything you need within reach, put your feet up on the dashboard, turn the heat up or the A/C down, or even upgrade your car to a luxury vehicle...needs, consider yourselves met.

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Venture Off the Beaten Path

Take scenic back roads and stumble upon the places that can't be found in any guidebook. From incredible secret views to tiny villages not on any map, you'll discover unknown places, hidden gems, and the true heart of your destination.

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Authentic Local Experiences

Travel, shop, and act like a local. Discover quirky attractions, offbeat museums, local hotspots, hidden restaurants and cafes, and mom and pop shops. You'll have more freedom to explore, talk with the locals, and learn their stories without the big tourist groups around.

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Top Private Journey Destinations

Here are some of our most popular destinations for private journeys. 



Explore fascinating medieval towns, sample fine wines and delectable local specialties, and cruise across a dizzying variety of soaring mountains, rugged cliffs, verdant valleys, and rolling hills: Spain is a sensory adventure that is best explored in the Spanish way - by taking your time, enjoying the moment, and living life like a fiesta.

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Think of Croatia as Italy's beautiful, less-crowded cousin: amazing Adriatic beaches and coastal highways, internationally renowned wines, and layers upon layers of complex history and culture. Visit perfectly preserved temples and ruins, soak in sparkling blue waterfalls and hot springs, and hike through lush forests.

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Norway: wild, wonderful, and beyond anything you could ever imagine. Sure, there's the snowy pine forests, splendid fjords, and glittering waterfalls that make any journey on its dramatic, winding roads exhilarating. Take it up a notch with sleigh rides under the Northern Lights, King Crab safaris, and reindeer rides in Santa Claus Village!

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A vibrant oasis swept into a mighty desert, Morocco is a tapestry of sub-Saharan, Middle Eastern, and European influences woven together. Journey through an odyssey of the senses as you stroll through colorful souks selling traditional wares and curious handicrafts, marvel at centuries-old mazes of medinas, and trek through hidden caves, breathtaking mountains, and the enigmatic sands of the Sahara.

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Thundering waterfalls, towering glaciers, steaming geysers, black sand beaches, and massive lava fields make exploring Iceland a surreal and unforgettable experience. Drive at your own pace around Iceland’s famous Ring Road, starting and ending in trendy capital Reykjavik, whose small-town feel belies its rich cultural heritage and exciting arts scene. 

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What better place is there to take a private journey through than Italy, where the ancient Romans first mastered roads? The otherworldly scenery of Italy was made to get lost in. Drink in the intoxicating scent of emerald green forests and valleys, taste the sea spray as you cruise along the coast, and feel the crisp mountain air caress your face as you discover la dolce vita in true Italian luxury.

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The rare beauty of Ireland's scenery is unmatched, except by the fierce hospitality of its people. Life here doesn't take itself too seriously; the dramatic lakes, rugged cliffs, and majestic mountains command clout and awe, but you'll find warmth and welcome in the towns through lively pubs and clubs, monuments to historical and contemporary artistic prowess, and an amiable stranger, always ready with a story and a smile. 

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Colorful villages perched upon hillsides, vineyards sprawling across sun-drenched valleys, turquoise waves crashing against wild coastline: Portugal offers endless enchantment. Discover the charm of the countryside and the sophistication of the cities as you make your way across this warm and beautiful country. 

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Unforgettable Private Journeys

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